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Lessem, Newstat & Tooson, LLP has over 50 years of combined legal experience representing clients in criminal cases. We are a proven criminal defense firm that can give you legal advice and guidance if you have been charged with any type of criminal offense, including misdemeanor, felony and federal crimes. A Camarillo criminal defense attorney from our firm will conduct a thorough review of your case and map out a strategy to challenge the prosecution's case. We are a respected law firm with the highest Martindale-Hubbell rating possible, an AVVO 10/10 rating and Better Business Bureau A+ rating. Our firm has achieved hundreds of dismissals and reduced charges for our clients, as well as alternative sentencing. We have been involved in over 200 jury trials and know every facet of the criminal justice system.

Attorney Joshua Newstat maintains a strong commitment to aggressively representing the accused and protecting the rights of the persecuted. He is the current president of Ventura County Criminal Defense Bar Association, and has been publicly acknowledged for his many contributions and accomplishments as a legal professional. He is also a current member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) board of directors. Attorney Jeremy Lessem is a tough and fearless legal advocate that has the confidence and knowledge to challenge evidence involving DNA, ballistic and chemical tests. He is currently a member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, California Attorneys for Criminal Justice and San Fernando Valley Bar Association.

Criminal Cases in Camarillo

A person's life can change forever when they have been charged with a criminal offense. Our office knows that criminal allegations can result in many severe consequences, and will use all of our legal skills and abilities to avoid a conviction. We have achieved successful resolutions to many of our client's cases, including offenses involving tax fraud, domestic violence, sex crimes, sexual assault, theft crimes and white collar crimes. The attorneys at our firm also provide unwavering representation when fighting criminal accusations involving DUI, vehicular manslaughter, murder, three strikes, drug crimes, possession, distribution and Internet crimes; probation violations, warrants and criminal matters concerning violations of medical marijuana statutes. We also assist clients with traffic crimes, mental health law, hit and run, juvenile crimes and violent crimes involving assault and battery. If you are under investigation for committing a criminal act, it is vital that you contact us immediately to discuss prefile intervention.

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