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Accused of Violating Your Probation in Ventura?

When you got probation as part of your sentence, the court fully expects and demands that you adhere to all the terms of your probation. This often includes the paying of fines as well as any mandated counseling or community service, as well as meetings with a probation officer in many cases. If you fail to pay a fine within the allotted period of time, do not get a certificate indicating that you completed your classes, or do not arrive for a scheduled meeting, a warrant could be issued for your arrest for a violation of probation. This will also occur if you are arrested and charged with another offense during the term of your probation.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Ventura

This is a very dangerous legal situation, as you will be picked up and taken into custody immediately once the warrant is issued. If you are facing a legal situation involving a probation violation, it is critical that you contact Lessem, Newstat & Tooson, LLP immediately. If our legal team gets involved immediately, we can take action to help you get the issue resolved.

Judges in the criminal justice system in the Ventura are do not look kindly upon those who violate their probation, as it is considered to have been a benefit that probation was given as part of the sentence. They could not only require that you serve the entire term of the sentence that you avoided by going on probation, you could have added time for the violation. In cases of DUI, a probation violation may lead to months spent in jail when the judge feels that this will teach you a lesson. We are committed to assisting clients who are facing this very dangerous legal situation, and in pursuing the potential alternatives that can be arranged on your behalf.

Getting fines paid, arranging an extension on any mandated treatment classes and other opportunities can be sought. If you have already been arrested, do not appear at your probation violation hearing without one of our attorneys there to represent you. Each case is unique, and we urge you to contact us immediately before the situation progresses any further.

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