Ventura Parole Attorney

Before an inmate can be placed on parole, the California Parole Board must assess whether he or she presents an unreasonable risk to society if he or she were released back into society. The Board makes this determination during a parole suitability hearing, during which they will consider things like the inmate’s behavior while in prison, the inmate’s level of remorse for their crime, the circumstances of the offense, and other evidence. The inmate has the right to retain legal counsel to represent them during this hearing.

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Parole Suitability Hearing Lawyer in Ventura

A Ventura parole hearing lawyer at Lessem, Newstat & Tooson, LLP can ensure that your loved one is prepared for their hearing and can represent them during their hearing. We can also bring in top doctors who can evaluate the client as well as challenge any negative psychological evaluations. We have the resources necessary to present a strong case in support of your loved one's release from prison, backed by decades of legal experience.

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