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Is it legal to grow marijuana for medicinal purposes in California?

In the state of California, laws have been passed at the state level allowing for the cultivation of marijuana for medicinal purposes. At the same time the federal government does not allow any exceptions for the medical use of marijuana and still considers it a crime. If you have been charged with illegally cultivating marijuana, even though it was state government sanctioned, you will need to contact a defense attorney from our firm to help you decipher the complexities of this contradictory state government vs. federal government issue.

Chances are if you have a state authorized facility that grows medical marijuana you are growing large amounts of the crop. State and local law enforcement officials cannot arrest you due to the state authorization, however federal agents such as DEA and FBI agents can arrest you and charge you with serious crimes due to the large amount of the substance being cultivated. The quantity of medical marijuana you are growing could be enough to get you a federal sentence of life in prison. It is crucial that you act quickly to contact a skilled, aggressive attorney from our firm to start work on your defense immediately.

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