Ventura Warrant Lawyer

Were You Issued a Bench or Arrest Warrant?

When a warrant is issued with your name on it, you can be picked up anywhere, anytime and immediately taken into custody. There is great danger if the matter is not addressed immediately with the assistance of a highly skilled Ventura criminal defense attorney, whether it is a bench warrant or an arrest warrant.

If you or your loved one has been arrested or faces imminent arrest on a warrant, action must be taken immediately if you hope to avoid being taken into custody.

Difference Between Arrest Warrants vs. Bench Warrants

Although an arrest warrant and bench warrant is similar, they are often issues in different circumstances.

  • An arrest warrant is issued after law enforcement officials have enough reason to suspect that you have committed a crime following an investigation. The arrest warrant is an order to arrest and detain a suspect.
  • A bench warrant is issued by a judge for the immediate arrest of someone typically due to their failure to appear in court or when a probation violation is filed.

Even After a Warrant, You Still Have Rights

Although there may be an outstanding warrant, you have rights. These rights must be protected relentlessly and our legal team at Lessem, Newstat & Tooson, LLP is heavily involved in protecting the rights of the criminally accused with regard to bench warrants and arrest warrants. Avoiding being taken into custody is important, and if the matter can be resolved quickly with little or no damage to you, this is the optimum outcome.

In more complex issues, such as a failure to appear, there could be mitigating circumstances that must be brought to the attention of the court at once. We get involved at once to bring the matter to a resolution, based upon the exact situation you are facing. If you failed to pay a fine, have a large number of unpaid tickets, were ordered to appear in court in a criminal case and did not receive the notice to appear, or any other situation, we will get involved and take action on your behalf.

Contact a Ventura warrants attorney from our firm for immediate assistance.