How Your Criminal Record Can Affect Your Employment

People who commit crimes face many and far-reaching consequences. Unfortunately, even after they have learned their lesson and served their penalties, a criminal conviction can continue to haunt them long after the deed is done. Many applications, including those for college, financial aid, or employment, may require a look at your criminal record, and if there is anything there that you wouldn’t want seen, chances are it could end up hurting you.

Employment Background Checks

Many applications for employment require background checks that allow the potential employer a look into your criminal history and other aspects of your life. Among many other pieces of information, background checks will check for any misdemeanors or felonies on your record as well as any past and current court warrants or arrests – not exactly information you want advertised to someone who you are asking to trust you. If an employer doesn’t like what they see, they have the right to deny you employment or fire you if they find out about a conviction later.

Employers might choose not to hire a convict for any of the following reasons:

  • They wish to protect themselves against the possibility of negligent recruitment charges
  • People with prior convictions may not pass the employer’s security requirements
  • They may feel that hiring people who have been convicted of crimes would have a negative impact on workplace safety

Be Honest About Your Record

The best way to handle your criminal record before a potential employer is simply to be honest about it. This may go a long way in helping you gain their trust, especially if you openly discuss what you learned from your experience and express remorse for your past actions. Also, provide the prospective employer with references from past employers who can vouch for you.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may even benefit from an expungement, which can seal or destroy your arrest and conviction record and make it unviewable by state or national repositories.

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