Know Your Rights This Memorial Day Weekend

Millions of Americans throughout the nation will partake in parties, barbeques, and celebrations this upcoming Memorial Day weekend. The high volume of partygoers puts law enforcement on high alert for buzzed or drunk drivers, and police will undoubtedly set up sobriety checkpoints to catch those suspected of DUI. Beyond these additional measures, police will be particularly vigilant for any other infractions or errors. This means more suspicious officers which leads to a much higher rate of traffic stops. Unfortunately, a holiday weekend puts law enforcement on edge and this bias results in many unjustified DUI arrests.

If you are pulled over for a traffic stop for an alleged minor violation, it is absolutely vital you remember your right to remain silent. Many are hesitant to exercise their rights and instead feel obligated to submit to any questions or searches, excessive though they may be. While it may be frightening to assert yourself in this way, it may be to your benefit to avoid a conversation which can lead to a search, arrest, and eventual conviction. Don’t let yourself be caught up in a miscommunication which will permanently impact your future.

People want to avoid making police angry which is why they are so quick to volunteer potentially incriminating information. In case of a persistent officer who makes unreasonable demands, remain respectful but remember, the only one who can protect your rights is you.

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