CHP Makes More DUI Arrests on Thanksgiving Weekend 2015

Studies show that in comparison to last year, the fatality rate was extremely high over the Thanksgiving weekend. On the other hand, the number of DUI-related arrests that occurred over the 2015 Thanksgiving break was about the same as last year’s total.

Statistics from CBS 8 state the following:

  • In California, 618 DUI arrests were made by CHP officers on Thanksgiving Weekend
  • 14 fatalities occurred during Thanksgiving weekend 2015

While these statistics display CHP officers’ increased efforts to stop drunk drivers, they do not include the number of arrests made by other law enforcement agencies such as state troopers, rangers, sheriffs, and police officers.

Why are So Many Arrests Made During the Holiday Season?

Between Thanksgiving weekend and New Year’s Day, law enforcement agencies through the country increase the number of officers on duty. Because they know many people are driving to and from holiday dinners, parties, and other events, they recognize it is the perfect time to pull over more drivers in a smaller amount of time. Of course, many officers grow overzealous when making arrests, leaving many innocent drivers at risk for serious penalties.

To stay safe and avoid a DUI charge this holiday season, continue the following tips:

  • Never drink and drive. (Not even one drink.)
  • If you plan to enjoy alcoholic beverages at a celebration, call a friend or family member to deliver you home.
  • Contact a taxi, cab, or Uber service to drive you home if you have been drinking.
  • Plan to stay the night at a hotel within walking distance of the celebration venue.

Arrested for a DUI Offense this Holiday Season? You Need Aggressive Legal Advocacy

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