10 Tips After You've Been Arrested for DUI

No one will deny that being arrested for driving under the influence is a scary and stressful experience. Once officers take you into custody, you have your rights and freedoms threatened. It is important that you take every opportunity to act in a manner that can reduce or eliminate the charges you may be facing and to protect your future.

What do I do once I have been arrested for DUI?

While being charged with DUI is bad enough, you could make your charges worse if you misstep at all, even in ways that seem minor. While there is no guaranteed outcome to any DUI case, by acting cautiously and staying informed, you can do your best to ensure you minimize your penalties.

Follow these tips when you have been arrested for DUI:

  1. Do not resist arrest, instead use the courtroom to fight law enforcement
  2. Remember that everything you say may be used against you - it's best to remain silent
  3. Have a sober friend drive your car home instead of having it impounded
  4. Take a BAC test only after you have been arrested
  5. Request an independent BAC test after taking the state required test
  6. Only take one test as required by the state
  7. Write down and record a detailed narrative of the events
  8. Make sure you treat officers and others with respect
  9. Avoid sharing details of your case with family or friends
  10. Contact a DUI attorney as soon as possible

An arrest can be a frightening experience, and it may not be easy to act appropriately in the heat of the moment. Regardless of what happens during or after your arrest, speaking with an experienced DUI attorney as soon as you possibly can is crucial to your future defense. Remember, once you have been arrested, you only have 10 days to act before your driver's license can be suspended.

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