Understanding the Arrest Process in Ventura County

Being arrested for a crime can be a chaotic and frightening experience, for the individual being arrested and for their family and friends. If it's the first time you've ever encountered the criminal justice system, it can also be downright confusing. Because understanding how the arrest process works and the steps you can take to best deal with the circumstances is so crucial to your future case, we've put together some information about what you can expect during the arrest process in Ventura County.

  • The Arrest - Although arresting circumstances can differ dramatically, the arresting process begins when an individual has been detained by law enforcement and is formally placed under arrest. They are then transported to a local police station or to the main Ventura County jail, also known as the Ventura Pre-Trial Detention Facility. One's gender, the crime committed, and their location may determine where they are taken after an arrest.
  • Booking - The process of booking refers to law enforcement formally taking a suspect into a police station or jail and recording their information in a criminal database. This information includes identification of a person, fingerprints, and mugshots.
  • After Booking / Bail - What happens after booking will depend on a number of unique circumstances, including the severity of the charges, a person's criminal record, the need for medical attention, available space in the jail or station, and other factors. Some individuals may be eligible for release under their own recognizance - meaning that they will not have to post bail by promising to appear in court. This is typically the case for individuals charged with less serious crimes like most DUIs or shoplifting. Other suspects may be required to post bail in order to be released, either before or after an arraignment. Those without bail or who are unable to post bail must remain in jail.
  • Preparing for the case - Taking immediate action after an arrest and reaching out to an experienced lawyer can make the difference in your case. Whether you or a loved one has been released or remains in jail, it is crucial to speak with an attorney who can explain your rights, available options, and what to expect next.

Our lawyers at Lessem, Newstat & Tooson, LLP are available to help clients immediately when they call us for help. We understand that many individuals and families have questions about an arrest - especially in the immediate aftermath - and we're here to provide answers and step-by-step support.

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