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Marijuana DUI Defense Strategies

If you were arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana, our team of DUI lawyers can establish an aggressive case to keep your record clean. We are well-versed in DUI defense strategies and can help you avoid the penalties associated with a drugged driving charge. Generally speaking, DUI defense involving marijuana is based on inaccurate evidence. Additionally, some research indicates that marijuana may not actually impair your ability to drive. Three common DUID defenses include:

"Marijuana doesn't actually affect one's ability to drive." Even if blood tests and DRE testimony try to establish that you consumed marijuana before driving, studies show that marijuana does not impact your driving ability like alcohol. In fact, marijuana use is rarely linked to traffic accidents or unsafe driving; most drivers who consume marijuana are aware of its effects and able to compensate for them while driving. However, this stereotype can lead to unfair DUI convictions.

"Chemical testing cannot determine when the driver used marijuana." Blood and urine can be used to measure THC, but they cannot determine exactly when an individual consumed marijuana. Marijuana can remain in your system for days – even weeks – after its effects have worn off. Thus, law enforcement may be able to show that you used marijuana; however, police officers may have a difficult time proving that you ingested the drug just before driving.

"Blood and urine tests cannot determine how much marijuana the driver consumed." According to research, a "high" driver will experience the same amount of impairment as if his/her blood alcohol concentration was approximately .04%: half the BAC needed to secure a drunk driving conviction. However, chemical tests do not measure the quantity of THC in the driver's system. Instead, they can only detect the presence of the drug. Additionally, research has failed to reveal a correlation between the amount of marijuana consumed and driver's level of intoxication.

Ventura DUI Attorney

If you were arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana, you may be subject to the same legal penalties as a convicted drunk driver. If you were arrested and need a DUI lawyer in Ventura, the legal team at Lessem, Newstat & Tooson, LLP can help. Our team has represented clients in more than 200 jury trials, achieved hundreds of case dismissals, and obtained an AV® Preeminent® rating from Martindale-Hubbell™. These accolades are a genuine reflection of our commitment to providing the best legal guidance and representation that we can offer our clients.

Finding the right lawyer can change the outcome of your case; don't risk your future and your reputation with an unqualified attorney. Instead, work with a lawyer who has the skill to obtain a favorable case outcome.

When you work with our firm, you can rest assured that a topnotch lawyer will be by your side through every step of the DUI process. For more information about your case, call our office today and request an initial case evaluation.