Did Burbank Really Need a $30,000+ Grant for Sobriety Checkpoints?

The Los Angeles Times reports that a recent DUI checkpoint in Burbank stopped 1,021 drivers; zero of whom were actually under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The sobriety checkpoint was set up and conducted Saturday evening. Typically, DUI checkpoints are stationed in areas that yield an unusually high number of drunk drivers. However, Saturday's checkpoint failed to produce any arrests.

Police set up the check point just north of Alameda Avenue, near Glenoaks Boulevard in Burbank, California. Police began stopping drivers at 9:00 pm and continued the screenings until 2:00 am on Sunday morning. According to news sources, officers detained six drivers and asked them to perform field sobriety testing. Law enforcement officers did not make any arrests, but issued citations for a driving without a license and a traffic infraction.

Last year, the California Office of Traffic Safety issued a $31,500 grant to the Burbank Police Department for sobriety checkpoints. Proponents of the checkpoint might argue that the checkpoint effectively deterred drunk drivers before they got behind the wheel; however, one could argue that the city wasted these funds on the 1,000+ traffic stops conducted Saturday night.

Arrested for Driving Under the Influence?

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