How to Reinstate My Driver’s License After a DUI

The American legal system is quite harsh with penalizing DUI crimes and the law comes down hard on people convicted of driving under the influence. If convicted of DUI, you will likely temporarily lose your license and have your driving rights revoked for the duration of this suspension. Losing access to your driver’s license is one of the most difficult punishments of a DUI as it completely incapacitates your ability to go to work, complete responsibilities involving family, or run other errands. Depending on your specific situation, your license can be suspended for a significant length of time.

There is no shortcut to reinstating your suspended driver’s license. Here’s the right and only way how:

  1. Complete the full suspension period, you cannot skip ahead.
  2. If you are required to serve jail time, fulfill your sentence to completion.
  3. Complete DUI school as soon as possible.
  4. Sort your insurance issues, as your DUI may affect what coverage you need.
  5. Follow any other conditions, such as installing an ignition interlock device if required.
  6. Apply for reinstatement.

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