Ventura DUI Convictions & Alcohol Programs

Being convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol will subject offenders to a number of criminal penalties and collateral consequences. From hefty fines and ongoing costs to driver's license suspensions to possible terms of imprisonment, the repercussions that stem from a DUI conviction can be severe. In many cases, the most difficult consequences are those that take the time and money of convicted individuals. With DUIs, there are plenty of these consequences.

In Ventura County, as well as most of California and the country, courts will require convicted DUI offenders to complete a mandatory alcohol program. These programs are designed to provide education and counseling for alcohol and drug use, as well and education on the dangers of drinking and driving. They are a requirement, and individuals must complete the programs in order to comply with the terms of their probation. Often, these alcohol program requirements must also be met for driver's license and DMV purposes.

The length and cost of your alcohol program is directly related to the facts of your case. Multiple offenders, for instance, will be required to take longer programs. The following provides a brief overview of the different alcohol programs you may be required to take.

First Offender Alcohol Program
First time DUI offenders are typically required to complete an alcohol program. Depending on your BAC level, your program with either be 3 months or 9 months. The 9 month program is reserved for individuals who had higher BAC levels during their arrest. Our legal team can review your case to provide you with more information about the possible length of your program.

Multiple Offender Alcohol Program
If you have been charged with a second or subsequent DUI within 10 years of a first offense, you will be required to complete an 18-month program.

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Alcohol programs can be time consuming and, of course, costly. When you are forced to miss work or to find transportation in order to attend classes, the burdens can become difficult. Mandatory alcohol programs are just one of the many severe consequences accused individuals face when charged with DUI – which is why working with experienced lawyers who can defend against these penalties is so important.

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