California Proposition 47: Eligibility for Resentencing

Lessem, Newstat & Tooson, LLP is currently reviewing cases of individuals who have been convicted and / or sentenced for felony crimes that have been reduced to misdemeanors under California Proposition 47, or the Reduced Penalties for Some Crimes Initiative. If you or someone you love believes that you may qualify for resentencing and / or reduced charges under Prop 47, our Ventura criminal defense attorneys are available to help you explore your options, understand whether you're eligible, and discuss how we can help.

Understanding Prop 47

Proposition 47, also referred to as The Safe Neighborhood and Schools Act, was passed by California voters on November 4, 2014. The measure was designed as a progressive step for criminal justice reform. The major points about Prop 47 include:

  • Prop 47 reduces certain non-violent, non-serious property and drug crimes from felonies to misdemeanors. These crimes include personal use of most illegal narcotics, and certain property crimes under $950: Shoplifting, Grand Theft, Receiving Stolen Property, Forgery, Fraud, Writing a Bad Check.
  • Prop 47 helps safely reduce prison crowding and prison spending.
  • Prop 47 rolls back outdated and ineffective sentencing guidelines and focuses of more fair sentences for less serious crimes.

Are You Eligible?

In order to be eligible for resentencing or reduced charges under Prop 47:

  • You must not have any prior convictions for a violent or serious crime, including murder, rape, certain sex crimes, and certain gun charges.
  • You must have been convicted of a qualifying crime reduced to a misdemeanor under Prop 47 (personal use of most illegal drugs or certain property crimes involving property valued at less than $950).

If you or your loved one are eligible, our legal team can assist with the filing of a petition. Petitions can be filed for individuals who have been convicted, sentenced, or are even currently incarcerated. For example, our firm is available to help:

  • Anyone convicted of a qualifying crime and currently under court supervision or in custody.
  • Anyone convicted of a qualifying crime and not under court supervision or in custody
  • Anyone convicted of a qualifying crime and diverted under PC 1000 (Drug Diversion).

If you have questions about your eligibility and how our attorneys can assist with filing a petition for immediate release or reduced charges, please do not hesitate to reach out for a FREE case review. Our legal team is standing by to provide the personalized and experienced support you need.

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