Ventura Authorities Plan DUI Checkpoints for Halloween Weekend

Law enforcement agencies throughout Ventura County and the entire country have made it a priority to focus on driving under the influence (DUI). As part of this increased effort, authorities will often conduct DUI checkpoints and fund increased patrols at various times throughout the year. These tactics have been found to dramatically increase DUI arrests – and because law enforcement chooses dates carefully so as to maximize their message and numbers, they often choose to conduct checkpoints and patrols during weekends and holidays.

Statistically, weekends and holidays record some of the highest rates of alcohol-related accidents, injuries, and deaths – which is why law enforcement agencies will frequently choose to ramp up their DUI efforts during this time. Because Halloween falls on a Friday this year, Ventura County law enforcement – including officers from the sheriff's department, California Highway Patrol, and various local agencies – will be intently focused on arresting motorists who drive under the influence.

Officials have announced plans for the following:

  • Various DUI and driver's license checkpoints throughout Ventura County
  • Increased saturation patrols

Checkpoints and saturation patrols have become popular DUI enforcement methods, and they produce numerous arrests each year. Still, there are many situations where officers make crucial mistakes that violate motorists' rights or otherwise result in a driver being mistakenly arrested under suspicion of DUI. Our legal team has handled many cases involving clients who were arrested under these conditions, and we are experienced in protecting their rights.

At Lessem, Newstat & Tooson, LLP, our Ventura DUI lawyers advise all drivers to be careful when on the road this Halloween weekend, and to plan for a ride if you plan on drinking. In addition, local authorities will also be on the lookout for other alcohol-related crimes, including underage drinking, drunk in public, and out-of-control parties. As always, our experienced services and support are available to anyone in need – 24/7.

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