New Charges While on DUI Probation

In Ventura County and throughout the state of California, individuals on probation are required to abide by a number of stipulations for a certain period of time - for example, drivers convicted of a first DUI offense in Ventura Country will often be placed on three years of summary probation.

Terms of probation can vary from case to case, but they often require individuals to comply with a number of conditions, including payment of fines and fees, not using drugs or alcohol, and not associating with known criminals, among others.

Because the primary requirement of probation is to not violate any laws, probationers can face enhanced charges and penalties when arrested under suspicion of committing a new crime. This is especially true in cases involving DUI charges, as local courts are aggressive when handling cases involving multiple DUIs.

If you are arrested for DUI while on DUI probation, you can expect harsher consequences - not only for a second, third, or subsequent DUI offense within 10 years, but also for a probation violation. Keep these details in mind if you are currently on DUI probation or facing new charges:

  • While on DUI probation, you must comply with a zero tolerance policy. This means you can face license suspension and additional penalties if you drive with any amount of alcohol in your system.
  • Probation violations, including a new DUI charge, can result in steeper fines, longer alcohol classes, and longer terms of imprisonment, among other consequences.
  • Probation terms after a second or third DUI conviction in Ventura County will be stricter. Often, convicted individuals will be placed on probation for 5 years and will often be prohibited from using alcohol or being in establishments where the primary source of income is alcohol.

Ultimately, being charged with driving under the influence while on probation for a prior DUI elevates the stakes in your case. Remember, prosecutors aggressively pursue convictions in cases involving multiple offenses. Because you face steeper penalties, it becomes crucial to work with proven DUI lawyers who can fight the special circumstances in your case.

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