Most Popular Holidays for DUIs During the Summer

It is no surprise that the summer months are marked by more events, gatherings, and celebrations. Warmer weather and vacation time means that many people choose to get out and about and unwind, often while drinking alcohol. Unfortunately, this increase in celebration and alcohol consumption also means an increase in alcohol-related incidents and arrests. In fact, the summer months are notorious for DUI accidents and arrests, which is why law enforcement officials throughout the country typically ramp up enforcement efforts during the summer.

In addition to more dangerous roadways, summer also has a number of holidays that are marked by celebration. These holidays are also known for substantial spikes in alcohol-related traffic crashes, injuries, and deaths, and law enforcement pays close attention to keeping roadways safe during holidays.

  • Memorial Day – Memorial Day marks the unofficial beginning of summer, and it coincides with a three day weekend for millions of Americans. During Memorial Day weekend, alcohol-related accidents increase substantially, and statistics have shown that it is the dangerous time of year on U.S. roads. Because of this, law enforcement agencies ramp up their DUI enforcement efforts throughout the holiday weekend by conducting saturation patrols and sobriety checkpoints.
  • Fourth of July – Fourth of July is one of America’s most celebrated holidays. Marked by parties, barbecues, and events, alcohol consumption is commonplace during Fourth of July and the days and weekend surrounding the holiday. That also means police are on high alert for signs of impaired motorists.
  • Labor Day – Labor Day is another holiday that bookends the summer season, and it provides plenty of reason for people to go out with a celebration. Because Labor Day weekend is a three day weekend for most people, it sees a substantial spike in alcohol-related accidents and arrests.
  • Summer months – Although not a specific holiday, the summer season is a time notorious for driving under the influence. In fact, statistics have shown that the 100 days of summer between Memorial Day and Labor Day are among the most deadliest days on American roadways. One of the biggest factors behind this increased danger is a surge in drunk driving. Law enforcement officers are well aware of this, and they make efforts to increase DUI enforcement, especially during summer holidays, weekends, and at times and locations known for drunk driving.

Be it a holiday or anytime throughout the summer, local law enforcement agencies throughout Ventura County, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara substantially increase DUI policing efforts. Often, these efforts are funded through grants from agencies like the California Office of Traffic Safety. Although there is valid reason for increased enforcement, it can often lead to overzealous officers who stop motorists without justifiable reason (probable cause) and make arrests based on limited or inaccurate evidence. Working with an experienced DUI lawyer can prove vital to spotting any errors made during the arrest process, and provide you with the representation needed to fight the charges against you and protect your driving privileges during administrative hearings with the DMV.

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